Our Vision: Red River Junior High strives to develop a community of life long learners with the skills and ability to thrive in today's global society.

Red River Junior High: Excellence is our Everyday Expectation

Principals Note

Welcome to Red River Junior High! We are excited about the upcoming school year and all of the amazing opportunities we have for the students of RRJH to excel academically. Although this school year may be different from years in the past, our primary goal is to meet the educational needs of every child at Red River Junior High. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing rigorous instruction that supports the expectation of academic growth and success for all students. Through the combined efforts of parents, students, and staff, we look forward to strengthening the skills and educational confidence of the students in Red River Parish.

Mike Peter- Principal

Louisiana Department of Education

Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Survey

The Family Engagement Survey is an online survey designed to inform school systems and building leaders about their success at engaging parents in the education of their children. The survey is designed to be completed by every student’s parents/guardians.

The Family Engagement Survey:

∙ Evaluates the engagement of parents/guardians within five separate domains.

· Do staff members create a welcoming environment for parents?

· Do staff members collaborate with parents in supporting student learning?

· Do staff members practice effective communication with parents regarding their children’s education?

· Do staff members practice sharing power and advocacy with parents regarding their children’s education?

· Do staff members facilitate community involvement?


When used in conjunction with other data, the Family Engagement Survey provides administrators and educators the opportunity to recognize strengths in their family engagement practices and create strategies for improvement. Remember, individual responses are confidential.

The Parent and Family Engagement Survey consists of 34 items. The survey is

designed to be completed by all parents only once per district.

Please note:

If the parent/guardian have children in multiple schools, but they attend schools in the same district, they should only complete 1 survey for the district. However, if parents have children attending multiple schools in the same district, but their opinions on the statement vary per school, parents should select the “inconsistent between schools” option.

Survey Links: LDOE 2021 Parent and Family Engagement Survey

· English: https://forms.gle/BoWvTYQEEhaUwwx37

· Spanish: https://forms.gle/cFpygjpq1c1TZyNe6

· Chinese: https://forms.gle/3yLyQAsk7gZWuohs8

· Vietnamese: https://forms.gle/2T2Kv9QKAVi5KpNP7

















2020-2021 Red River Junior High Parent & Family Engagement Plan

20-21 RRJH Parent Plan DBBL Aug. 6.docx

Red River Parish Virtual School Handbook

Red River Parish Virtual School

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